AMS’s Canada 150 Breakfast



During the Amherst Masonic Society’s monthly breakfast this June 24th we had a great turn out of customers. This was our Pancake, Sausage, Strawberries and Whipped Cream breakfast. It was also our salute to Canada’s 150th Anniversary with the breakfast being billed as a great meal for just $1.50!


The final count showed that we had 180 customers who dropped by for the special breakfast. They were served by brothers from both lodges (Acacia Lodge #8 and Alexandra Lodge #87) as well as a good turn out of volunteers from the Emmanuel United Church.

The brothers in the kitchen did a masterful job of keeping up to the demands for more pancakes and sausages. The main cooks were: VW Bro. Allan Chapman, W Bro. Charlie McWhirter and VW Bro. Isaac Gray seen below.


The event was a great success and special thanks must go out to all who took part and helped make everything run as smoothly as it did despite there being such a large crowd.

For more pictures of the breakfast click on the photos below to enlarge.



3 thoughts on “AMS’s Canada 150 Breakfast

  1. WB WG Macx MacNichol

    On behalf of all the Brethren of Sussex Lodge # 4 and WB Neil Horsman, I wish to thank the Brethren of Acacia Lodge # 8, and those associated with the Cumberland District Masonic Society of Nova Scotia for their support and participation of the 150th Anniversary of Masonry in Canada and other important dates in our Masonic history.
    The hosting of the Special Anniversary Communication on 01 June 2017 by Acacia # 8 in Amherst NS, and the posting of the event report with images on the CMDA News Blog greatly enhanced the historic valve of the event.
    I wish to remind all Brethren who were present on 01 June 2017 in the Amherst, NS, Temple and/or read this posting, that it is very highly unlikely such a historic event can ever be duplicated by any other pair of Lodges any where in the world.
    By celebrating the creation of Sussex Lodge # 4(see The Development of Freemasonry in the County of Cumberland 1967 by RWB F. Carman Wrightman), 150th Anniversary of Canada, the 300th Anniversary of the UGLE, 177th Anniversary of Sussex Lodge # 4 and the honouring of WB Neil Horsman with his 50th year Jewel, PM of three lodges(Acacia Lodge # 8 his Mother Lodge, Lebanon Lodge # 28 and Sussex Lodge # 4 in two (2) different jurisdictions NS, NB) at the age of 80+, the event was historically special and will now be an important part of the history both lodges of Acacia Lodge # 8 and Sussex Lodge # 4. Highlighted by the presence of the Grand Master MWB George O’Leary of the jurisdiction of Nova Scotia and the DDGM for District # 2 RWB Chris Kitson of the jurisdiction of NB.
    Have a Masonic day.

    WB WG Macx MacNichol
    Sussex Lodge # 4
    Dorchester, NB, E4K 3A8
    1-506-379-2211 or 379-0678

    Take note : Be sure to review the entire program.


  2. WB WG Macx MacNichol

    Sussex Lodge # 4, Dorchester, NB, will be holding a “Country Style Pancake and Waffle Breakfast” on 17 March 2018 starting at 07:30 to 11:00 am at 2 Harrop Ave. There will be 7 toppings to dress up your plate as well as coffee, tea and juice all for just $7.00, great smiles included at no charge.
    There will also be a used book sale at the entrance to the temple during the breakfast. Looking forward to see brethren from south of the border.

    Have a masonic day.


  3. WB WG Macx MacNichol

    The next Regular Communication of Sussex Lodge # 4 in Dorchester, NB, at 2 Harrop Ave, will be starting at 7:30 pm under the direction of WB David Hunter.


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