Traveling Gavel Visits Widow’s Son

Tuesday evening, Feb. 16, 2016 five brothers from Alexandra travelled to River Philip to present the Traveling Gavel to Widow’s Son. The next stop on the Gavel’s travels will be to Wimburn Lodge on March 16.

Here we see VW Bro. Mike Gaul (Alexandra Secretary) presenting the gavel to Widow’s Son acting secretary for the evening, RW Bro. Dick Cameron.

After the gavel was passed over, VW Bro. Gaul gave a ten minute presentation – the topic of the Masonic Education presentation was “Brief Exerts from the History of Alexandra Lodge #87”.


Gavel Presentation Feb. 16 copy


One thought on “Traveling Gavel Visits Widow’s Son

  1. RW. Bro. Bill Merriam

    V.W.Bro. Mike: You are doing such a wonderful job on the whole CDMA web page. It is ever so interesting to read with all the new updates & past info. Keep up the great job.

    RW. Bro. Bill Merriam


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