Masonic Banquet at Acacia

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On the evening of Thursday, March 7, 2019, the brothers of Acacia Lodge #8 held a special banquet at which they honored two of their brothers with the Meritorious Service Award and one brother with his 50 Year jewel. Everyone was very pleased to see that the turn out for the event was overwhelming.

Besides the brothers of Acacia there were several brothers from other lodges in our district including our DDGM, RW Bro. Scott McNairn, and his DGDC, RW Bro. Alan Linkletter. Beyond our district we had brothers from other lodges in our Grand Lodge of NS jurisdiction and the Grand Lodge of NB jurisdiction. We were most pleased to have on hand our Grand Lodge’s SGW, RW Bro. John Dollimont, and his GDC, RW Bro. Don Evans. The SGW, RW Bro. Dollimont, had the honor of presenting the awards and jewel to the deserving brothers.

The guests anxiously await the meal being served.

The room was packed and over 70 people sat down to a delicious roast beef dinner catered to by Janey Allen. A good number of young people from the Cumberland 4H’ers took care of the tables, serving the hungry gathering throughout the course of the meal.

Janey Allen with her assistants dish out the meals as the 4H’ers wait to serve the tables.

Presentation of Awards & Jewel

W Bro. McWhirter has been a mason since 2002 and was master of Acacia Lodge #8 back in 2008. He has been very involved in the masonic life of his lodge as well as helping to care for the physical maintenance of this lodge building. Here he is seen with his wife, Daphne, receiving his award from the SGW, RW Bro. Dollimont with WM, W Bro. Reid, looking on

VW Bro. Allan Chapman was raised in 1988 and was master of Acacia in 1995. He is a Lewis Jewel holder and became a 25 year member in 2013. He has been very involved with his lodge over the years serving in many capacities (as secretary the last 7 years) including being a Shriner and as Grand Sword Bearer of the GLNS in 2003. Below he stands with his wife, Karen, of 30 years, and the RW Bro. John Dollimont.

RW Bro. Don Ripley became a master mason back in 1969. The SGW said he has known Bro. Don for over 20 years and he knows of the many things he has done for the craft. He was very pleased to be able to be here to present RW Bro. Don Ripley with his 50 Year Jewel. Below RW Bro. Don and Mrs. Mary Ripley stand with the RW Bro. John Dollimont.

At the end of the evening the three brothers stood for a group photo, which was also taken by the local paper. Be sure to check the next edition of the Amherst News.

W Bro. Charlie McWhirter, RW Bro. Don Ripley & VW Bro. Allan Chapman.

During the evening I was able to capture a few scenes which I have put into this 6 minute YouTube video. Click the arrow below to view the show.

Correction to Video: The caterer was Janey Allen not Jeannie Allen as stated in the video.

Acacia Lodge #8 Evening of Awards and Presentations

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CDMA Meeting

On the evening of Feb. 28, 2019 the brothers of the Cumberland District met at the Masonic Temple hall in Amherst for a CDMA meeting hosted by Alexandra Lodge #87. There was a very good turn out from the district with 17 Cumberland brothers attending.

As part of the evening’s meeting we had the Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia as our guest. He gave as a very enlightening 30 minute talk on the new “Cornerstone Project” being sponsored by the Grand Lodge. More information on this project can be found in the booklet entitled “Cornerstone Project”. Click the link to read it.

Cornerstone Project

RW Bro. Rick Crawford, Grand Lecturer, addresses the Cumberland Masons.

After his talk the meeting continued. One of the topics discussed was the upcoming CDMA Variety Show.

This year it will be hosted by Laurie Lodge #70 of Springhill. Last year it was this lodge that won the title of best in the show. A poster describing the show will soon be available. The info so far is:

Location: Springhill Legion – Up Stairs
Date: April 20th Time: 7:00pm
Admission: $10 Adults, $6 Children, $30 Family Price ( 2 adults + up to 3 children)
Extra Money Raiser: Chinese Auction, a 50/50 Draw and Cake Draw.
The Legion will be looking after the canteen but the hall rental is being donated.
Each lodge is asked to bring a basket for the Chinese Auction ( toiletries, kitchen items, groceries, lunch box items, etc.)
Each lodge is asked to provide 20 minutes of entertainment. Be there early to bring your equipment in for the entertainment.

Hope to see you there.

Laurie Lodge #70 Third Degree Night

On the evening of Monday, Feb. 18, 2019, Laurie Lodge #70 in River Philip opened to a packed lodge room for this special meeting.  Brothers from seven of our eight district lodges were on hand to support our Laurie Lodge brothers as they conferred the Master Mason Degree upon FOUR new brothers.

The worshipful master of the lodge, W Bro. Darin Pettis, opened the lodge at 7:00pm on the 3rd Degree and welcomed everyone to their special evening. A motion was then made to hold over any lodge business until their next meeting so they could get right to the degree work.

As this was the new master’s first time in the East since installation, another brother, RW Bro. Norman Rushton, then relieved the WM and took the master’s chair to conduct the first part of the 3rd Degree.

The second part of the third degree, the Drama, was presided over by King Solomon, RW Bro. Philip Adams. The District Drama Team then did a masterful job of conducting the FOUR new brothers through this important part of becoming a Master Mason.

The four new brothers are:

Bro. Forrest Gallagher   –  Bro. John Alick   

Bro. Keegan Hibberts  –  Bro. Travis Ross

L to R: Bro. Forrest Gallagher, Bro. John Alick, the WM, W Bro. Darin Pettis, Bro. Travis Ross
& Bro. Keegan Hibberts

Our District’s Graveling Gavel was also a part of this special evening. During the evening the Laurie Lodge Secretary, Bro. Amos Margeson, was conducted to the altar where the WM of Acacia Lodge #8, W Bro. Derrah Reid, presented him with our Traveling Gavel.

The Cumberland District’s Traveling Gavel

This was one of the best attended masonic meetings in our district in quite some time. As I said, the lodge was packed with brothers from seven of our eight lodges. I counted three times and I believe there were 38 brothers in attendance. There probably would have been more, but Minas Lodge has their meeting on the same night as Laurie, so that would account for the fact that they were not able to be there as well.

Making this evening even more special was the fact that one of the new brothers, Bro. Keegan Hibberts, is a son of the present Senior Warden, W Bro. Steve Hibberts. This family is now carrying on the tradition of father-son masonry as many of our brothers have done in the past.

W Bro. Steve Hibberts welcomes his son, Bro. Keegan Hibberts, to the fraternity.

The evening was a high light of our Masonic Year for our district. The brothers of Laurie Lodge #70 are to be highly congratulated for the work they put in to this to pull off such a well conducted degree. Also a very big welcome to the four new brothers to our fraternity.

Widow’s Son 150th

On Oct. 13th the Widow’s Son Lodge #48 hosted a roast beef supper as part of their 150th year celebrations. There was a very good turn out of brothers, their guests and widows of brothers to enjoy the meal and company.


The event took place at the Collingwood Community Hall which is part of the Collingwood Fire Station. While waiting for the meal to begin, W Bro. Bruce Stewart gave a very interesting talk on the history of the Widow’s Son Lodge #48 and how it was instrumental in bringing into existence other lodges in our district.

After the meal the MLA for Cumberland South, the Hon. Tory Rushton, made a presentation to the worshipful master of the lodge, W Bro. Robert Carter, recognizing the 150 years that the lodge has been in existence.

The MC for the event was RW Bro. Bill Merriam, secretary of Widow’s Son Lodge #48, who kept things rolling with introductions, instructions and light hearted comments. Entertainment was provided by Mr. Drew Moore of Amherst on his guitar.

The meal was catered to by the Parkview Restaurant in Oxford. Those in attendance greatly enjoyed themselves and the food was very good. The light blueberry dessert was to die for!

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Busy Night at Laurie Lodge #70

On Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 the DDGM, RW Bro. Scott McNairn, made his Official Visit along with his DGDC, RW Bro. Alan Linkletter and his DGC, VW Bro. Eric Melanson to Laurie Lodge #70 in River Philip. The DDGM was very pleased to see such a good turn out for the evening. Laurie Lodge #70 was not only welcoming the DDGM but they were happy to be conducting an Entered Apprentice for TWO new brothers!

There were 24 brothers on hand for the event plus the 2 new Entered Apprentices making a total of 26 in attendance.

A special presentation was also made the same evening to Laurie Lodge. The CDMA presented the lodge with a certificate, a “Lodge Participation Award”, for providing the best entertainment at the CDMA Variety Show this past Spring.

Below we see the DDGM making his entrance and being welcomed by the WM, W Bro. Justin Simons (pro tem).


After the degree work the WM for the degree and the new brothers posed for their photo:

Bro. Travis Porter, W Bro. George Sproul and Bro. John Alick

The certificate presentation was made by RW Bro. Phil Adams (on the right – CDMA Treasurer) and accepted on behalf of the lodge by Bro. Amos Margeson (lodge secretary).


Presentation at King Edward Lodge #86

At the regular communication of King Edward Lodge No. 86 A.F. & A.M. on June 12, 2018 our DDGM R.W. Bro. Scott J. McNairn presented W. Bro. William Jollymore with his certificate & 25 year PIN.

RW Bro. Scott McNairn, W Bro. William Jollymore and VW Bro. W. Kelley Theal

W Bro. Jollymore being presented with his certificate.

W Bro. Jollymore and RW Bro. Scott McNairn.

W Bro. Jollymore

The WM of King Edward congratulates W Bro. Jollymore.


Photos and info submitted by RW Bro. A. Linkletter.

River Hebert District High School Graduation

On June 28, 2018 the brothers of King Edward Lodge #86 were happy to present a Nova Scotia Freemasons Bursary to Brandon O’Brien in the amount of $750. Brandon was this year’s Valedictorian and his planning on attending Saint Mary’s University in September.

Here our DDGM, RW Bro. Scott McNairn, presents the bursary to Brandon O’Brien at the June 28th graduation ceremonies.

Presentation at CDMA Meeting


R.W. Bro. Alan Linkletter, April Findlay and R.W. Bro. Graeme Bales.

At the regular quarterly meeting of the CDMA brothers in River Hebert on Thursday, May 24th, the brothers were pleased to make three sizeable donations to the Cumberland 4H Council. On hand to accept the donations was April Findlay, representing the 4H Council.

Through the assistance of the Shared Funding Program run by the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia we were able to present April Findlay with three cheques.

Above is the DDGM, R.W. Bro. Graeme Bales, presenting April Findlay with the CDMA’s cheque for $5,140.00.

As in previous years Wimburn Lodge #75 and Widow’s Son Lodge #48, presented their own cheques. Below we see R.W. Bro Bill Merriam of Widow’s Son Lodge #48 presenting a cheque for $1000.00 to April Findlay.

In the last photo is R.W. Bro Philip Adams presenting Wimburn Lodge #75’s  cheque for $1000.00.

There will be a public presentation of these donations during 4H days at the Cumberland County Exhibition at the end of August.

R.W. Bro. Alan Linkletter, April Findlay & R.W. Bro. Bill Merriam

R.W. Bro. Phil Adams and April Findlay

Third Degree at Wimburn

New MMs, Bro. Eric Jury & Bro. Robert Ward

On Wednesday, May 16th, Wimburn Lodge #75 held a Third Degree to welcome two new brothers to our fraternity. Above we see the two new brothers standing in front of some of the other members of our district.

L to R: Bro. Eric Jury and Bro. Robert Ward.

Among those on  hand for the degree were the brothers of our District Drama Team seen below with the two new master masons.

Wimburn Lodge #75 on May 16, 3rd Degree

Our DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales and his assistants were also in attendance and took part in the Drama.

A special thank-you to RW Bro. Robert Campbell for submitting the pictures of the event.

DGDC VW bro. Tom Reid, DDGM RW Bro. Graeme Bales, DGC VW Bro. Kevin Wood
DGDC, VW Bro. Tom Reid, DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales & DGC, VW Bro. Kevin Wood.