Masons Appreciation Camp

On Saturday afternoon, Dec.9, 2017, the members of Cumberland Area Scouting invited the Masons of Cumberland County to come to the Parrsboro Camp on the shores of MacAloney’s Lake. The invitation was to thank the Cumberland District Masons and the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia for their generous gift of $19,000. This money has allowed the Cumberland Area Scouts and their Scouters to spend more time on Scouting rather than fundraising. The major portion of the donation has paid for two new roofs, one for each of the two Scout camps, MacAloney’s Lake and Long Lake, located on the Sunrise Trail just outside Amherst.

The MacAloney’s Lake Camp

Although the weather was not the best, rain with snow that arrived later that evening, the camp was alive with the sounds of Scouts of all ages when the Brothers from the CDMA arrived. We were greeted by a roaring bonfire under the canopy of tall trees bordering the shores of the beautiful MacAloney’s Lake. (A couple Brothers were hosted earlier in the afternoon as they had evening commitments).

P1040008 best
RW Bro. Rushton, VW Bro. Gaul, RW Bro. St Peter & Mr. John MacKay

Earlier in the afternoon two other brothers had dropped in to the camp as they had other commitments later that evening. Below they are being greeted by the campers.

RW Bro. Norm Rushton, RW Bro. Bill Merriam, RW Bro. Phil Adams and a camper.

A number of Scouters, including our Past DDGM, RW Bro. Norm Rushton, Contact Scouter with First Fenwick Troop, the Cumberland Area Commissioner, Mr. John MacKay, and a large number of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers welcomed us around the bonfire. Speeches of thanks were then deliver by Mr. MacKay, RW Bro. Rushton and the Youth Area Commissioner. They then presented us with a plaque of thanks which was to be hung on the wall of the newly roofed camp at MacAloney’s Lake (The plaque for Long Lake will be hung in the Spring and it was hinted that we might be able to join them at that location as well.)

After this, as the rain was beginning to pick up, we all moved into the warmth of the camp for a delicious meal of baked beans and brown bread rolls or white rolls.

The Brothers who made the trip to Parrsboro thanked the Scouts for their wonderful reception and show of appreciation and assured them that their words would be passed on to all the Brothers of the CDMA who could not make the reception.

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The DDGM’s Annual District Meeting

JGW Ent & Exit
RW Bro. John Dollimount being presented by his GDC, VW Bro. Don Evans.

On the evening of Nov. 15th the brothers from our eight district lodges came together for our Annual District Meeting chaired by our DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales. This year it was again held in River Philip but this time it was hosted by the brothers of Wimburn Lodge #75. We were very pleased to see the lodge filled with 27 brothers in attendance including the visitors from Grand Lodge.

The meal was set for 6pm but it was closer to 6:30pm when we all sat down to enjoy a delicious seafood chowder made by the brothers of the lodge. The dessert was a hug Blueberry Coffee Cake courtesy of Mrs. Graeme Bales. This was served by the brothers of Wimburn along with a good helping of ice cream.

Entrance of Ruling WMs.jpg
The Ruling Masters being presented by the DGDC, VW Bro. Tom Reid

The master of Wimburn Lodge #75, W Bro. Ned Douglas opened the lodge and then the other Ruling Lodge Masters of the district were admitted and introduced. Next the DDGM was admitted and the gavel was turned over to him to conduct the annual meeting. Finally the representative from Grand Lodge, the JGW, RW Bro. John Dollimount, was admitted and given the Grand Lodge Honours. (Our Grand Master, the MW Bro. John Cody, had planned to come but was sick that evening and could not make it to the meeting.)

The meeting began with the Necrology Service followed by the Roll Call of lodges present,  then the Yearly Reports of the Lodges to the DDGM read by the masters of each lodge or their representatives, a talk by the DDGM and a presentation to the secretary of Wimburn Lodge given by the JGW. Finally the JGW, RW Bro. John Dollimount, rose to speak and bring greetings from the Grand Master, the MW Bro. Cody.

The East.jpg

L to R: RW Bro. John Dollimount, RW Bro. Graeme Bales, W Bro. Ned Douglas & RW Bro. Phil Adams

The meeting closed shortly after 9pm. It was a great evening that once again had brought many of the brothers from the district together for some much enjoyed masonic fellowship.

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Remembrance Day 2017

Masons from the district have always participated in Remembrance Day Parades and Services. This year has been no different. Below is a shot of the masons from the Amherst area lodges as they wait to march in the 2017 Remembrance Day Parade. There were 6 brothers from Alexandra Lodge #87 plus other brothers from Acacia Lodge #8 and the Shriners.

Masons on Parade 2017

Official Visit

On Oct. 12, 2017 the DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales, made his official visit to Alexandra Lodge #87 in Amherst. The DDGM was very pleased to have a good turn out for his visit. As well as the brothers from Alexandra there were a number of visitors from the district and from Westmoreland Lodge #44 in Port Elgin.

DDGM Entrance
Here the DDGM is being introduced by his DGDC, VW Bro. Tom Reid.
W Bro. Ross, WM of Alexandra Lodge, welcomes the DDGM.
DDGM takes his leave at the end of the evening.

Visit to Westmoreland Lodge #44

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 a few brothers from the Cumberland District visited the Westmoreland Lodge #44 in Port Elgin, NB. The regular meeting was a special one as they were welcoming a new brother into the fraternity. Mr. James Wynn was put through the first, or Entered Apprentice Degree.

Here we see Mr. (now Brother) Wynn with the Master of Westmoreland, W Bro. James Costain.

James Wynn & W Bro. Costain

The brothers of Westmoreland are to be commended on the excellent job they did of the Entered Apprentice Degree. The visitors from Cumberland District were all very impressed by their well executed floor work and the memory work done by all was outstanding.

Below are a few pictures of the evening.

The East – WM, W Bro. Jason Costain and the Chaplain – MW Bro. Stephen Allen
The West – SW – Dan Jones. On his left is the IG – Bro. Brandon King and the Tyler – W Bro. Dale Ogden.
The South – JW – Bro. Brian Jonah with his two Stewards: Bro. Roger Pierskalla & Bro. Robert King.
DSC07024 copy
The EA brought before the East.
Bro. Jamie Woodford begins the explanation of the degree the EA just went through.
Bro. Roger Pierskalla doing the second part of the explanation.

Happy Birthday Bro. Danson

On September 8th the most senior brother at Alexandra Lodge #87 celebrated his 102nd Birthday!  Happy Birthday Bro. Danson!

Bro. Danson has been a mason since 1951 when he was raised in Keystone Lodge #102. He joined Alexandra Lodge #87 in 1959. This was at the time when the new Amherst Temple was being constructed. He was one of the brothers who helped in the design of the new lodge room.

The picture below, which shows Bro. Danson to be doing very well, was taken by MW Bro. Owen Walton on Bro. Danson’s birthday, Sept. 8th. MW Bro. Walton is a former student of Bro. Danson’s and as such his visits are much appreciated by Bro. Danson.


Bob Danson 102nd birthday

CEIP Presentation

On July 7, 2017, Widow’s Son and Wimburn Lodges made a presentation to the Cumberland Early Intervention Program (CEIP) located in Amherst serving all of Cumberland County. Two cheques were presented: $1,000 from Widow’s Son Lodge #48 and $1,000 from Wimburn Lodge #75 .

Pictured here are left to right:

Erin Jolly (Executive Director), VW Bro. Ned Douglas (WM of Wimburn Lodge #75), RW Bro. Graeme Bales (DDGM of Cumberland District) and Susan Greene (a CEIP Director).

Cheque to CEIP

AMS’s Canada 150 Breakfast



During the Amherst Masonic Society’s monthly breakfast this June 24th we had a great turn out of customers. This was our Pancake, Sausage, Strawberries and Whipped Cream breakfast. It was also our salute to Canada’s 150th Anniversary with the breakfast being billed as a great meal for just $1.50!


The final count showed that we had 180 customers who dropped by for the special breakfast. They were served by brothers from both lodges (Acacia Lodge #8 and Alexandra Lodge #87) as well as a good turn out of volunteers from the Emmanuel United Church.

The brothers in the kitchen did a masterful job of keeping up to the demands for more pancakes and sausages. The main cooks were: VW Bro. Allan Chapman, W Bro. Charlie McWhirter and VW Bro. Isaac Gray seen below.


The event was a great success and special thanks must go out to all who took part and helped make everything run as smoothly as it did despite there being such a large crowd.

For more pictures of the breakfast click on the photos below to enlarge.


A Historic Communication

One hundred seventy-seven years ago in 1840, the brothers of Acacia Lodge #8, that was known as “Cumberland Harmony Lodge #589” at the time, traveled to the Dorchester area of New Brunswick and helped institute the new lodge, the “Younger Brother of Cumberland Harmony Lodge”, now known as Sussex Lodge #4. To mark this historic event a special Joint Communication was held on Thursday,  June 1, 2017, in the Masonic Temple on Lawrence Street in Amherst, NS.

As fortune would have it, the present Worshipful Master of Sussex Lodge #4, W Bro. Neil Horsman, is also a Past Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge #8; therefore, a special dispensation was granted by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia for the Sussex Lodge #4 Worshipful Master to open and close both Sussex Lodge #4 and Acacia Lodge #8 at the same time using the New Brunswick ritual.

Indeed this was a very special occasion as this year is the 150th Anniversary of Freemasonry in New Brunswick and the 150th Anniversary of Acacia Lodge #8 (since its name was changed from Cumberland Harmony Lodge to Acacia Lodge) as well as, this being the 150th Year of our Canadian Confederation.

Below is a short video of the two lodges entering the lodge room led by the Piper, Bro. Tyson Ross, of Sussex Lodge #4.

The lodge was opened with the master of Sussex Lodge #4, W Bro. Neil Horsman, acting as Worshipful Master for the evening. The master of Acacia Lodge #8, W Bro. Don MacKinnon, sat to his right in the east. The brothers were very pleased to see representatives from both grand lodges in attendance. The Grand Lodge of NB was represented by RW Bro. Chris Kitson on behalf of the Grand Master, MW Bro. John A. Watson and from the Grand Lodge of NS the MW Bro. George R. O’Leary our present Grand Master.

W Bro. Horsman, W Bro. Don Mackinnon, MW Bro. George O'Leary and the piper, Bro. Tyson Ross.
W Bro. Horsman, W Bro. Don MacKinnon, MW Bro. O’Leary and the piper, Bro. Tyson Ross.

The first order of business was the presentation of 50 Year Jewels by MW Bro. George O’Leary to two very deserving brothers: W Bro. Neil Horsman and Bro. Eric Trueman. Below the brothers hold their certificates  with the GM, MW Bro. O’Leary, between them.


This evening was a great success and very well attended. We had 53 brothers from the two jurisdictions filling the lodge room. Please take the time to view the pictures below of the evening. To see them enlarged just click on any picture.

After the meeting we all retired to the banquet hall for fellowship and a delicious seafood chowder prepared by the brothers of Sussex Lodge #4.


And then the banquet.

Traveling Gavel On the Move

On Monday night, May 15, 2017, five brothers from Alexandra Lodge #87 made the trip to Parrsboro to attend the regular meeting of Minas Lodge #67. It was a special evening as the lodge was putting on a Mock First Degree.

Below VW Bro. Mike Gaul , Secretary of Alexandra Lodge, presents the Traveling Gavel to VW Bro. Rick Harvey, Secretary of Minas Lodge. This was then followed by a short session of Masonic Education entitled, “Why Men Love Free Masonry” by VW Bro. Gaul.

Passing the Gavel

The Mock First Degree was very well carried out. Bro. Darrell Spence played the part of the candidate and RW Bro. Robert York acted as the WM to conduct the degree with VW Bro. Harvey giving the Obligation.

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