River Hebert District High School Graduation

On June 28, 2018 the brothers of King Edward Lodge #86 were happy to present a Nova Scotia Freemasons Bursary to Brandon O’Brien in the amount of $750. Brandon was this year’s Valedictorian and his planning on attending Saint Mary’s University in September.

Here our DDGM, RW Bro. Scott McNairn, presents the bursary to Brandon O’Brien at the June 28th graduation ceremonies.

Presentation at CDMA Meeting


R.W. Bro. Alan Linkletter, April Findlay and R.W. Bro. Graeme Bales.

At the regular quarterly meeting of the CDMA brothers in River Hebert on Thursday, May 24th, the brothers were pleased to make three sizeable donations to the Cumberland 4H Council. On hand to accept the donations was April Findlay, representing the 4H Council.

Through the assistance of the Shared Funding Program run by the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia we were able to present April Findlay with three cheques.

Above is the DDGM, R.W. Bro. Graeme Bales, presenting April Findlay with the CDMA’s cheque for $5,140.00.

As in previous years Wimburn Lodge #75 and Widow’s Son Lodge #48, presented their own cheques. Below we see R.W. Bro Bill Merriam of Widow’s Son Lodge #48 presenting a cheque for $1000.00 to April Findlay.

In the last photo is R.W. Bro Philip Adams presenting Wimburn Lodge #75’s  cheque for $1000.00.

There will be a public presentation of these donations during 4H days at the Cumberland County Exhibition at the end of August.

R.W. Bro. Alan Linkletter, April Findlay & R.W. Bro. Bill Merriam
R.W. Bro. Phil Adams and April Findlay

Third Degree at Wimburn

New MMs, Bro. Eric Jury & Bro. Robert Ward

On Wednesday, May 16th, Wimburn Lodge #75 held a Third Degree to welcome two new brothers to our fraternity. Above we see the two new brothers standing in front of some of the other members of our district.

L to R: Bro. Eric Jury and Bro. Robert Ward.

Among those on  hand for the degree were the brothers of our District Drama Team seen below with the two new master masons.

Wimburn Lodge #75 on May 16, 3rd Degree

Our DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales and his assistants were also in attendance and took part in the Drama.

A special thank-you to RW Bro. Robert Campbell for submitting the pictures of the event.

DGDC VW bro. Tom Reid, DDGM RW Bro. Graeme Bales, DGC VW Bro. Kevin Wood
DGDC, VW Bro. Tom Reid, DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales & DGC, VW Bro. Kevin Wood.

CDMA Variety Show


A CDMA Variety Show was held in River Hebert on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The well attended show was at the King Edward Lodge Hall for the purpose of raising money for the CDMA’s 2018 charity.

All proceeds from the show will be donated, along with a 3-to-1 matching of funds by the N.S. Freemason’s Shared Funding Program, to the 4H Clubs of Cumberland County.

The eight lodges in the county were asked to each send an act, musical or otherwise, to take part in the show. Of the lodges that were able to participate, we had a show that lasted nearly three hours.

Here is a 5 minute (approximately) long video of the musical performances from the evening. I apologize to Bro. Roy Pettigrew for not getting a video of his performance, as he was the last entertainer of the evening. But as you will see, I did catch his excellent work as a fill-in. (See his video later in this post.)
(All videos are in High Definition. After you start the video, click on the settings wheel and then click on 720 HD.)

Here is a list of those acts and their members who took part in the show:

Representing King Edward Lodge #86

– Brandon McLellan on acoustic guitar

– Joanie Linkletter vocalist

– Roy Pettigrew as “Elvis Presley”

Representing Alexandra Lodge #87

– Tenique Ross on keyboard and ukulele

Representing Laurie Lodge #70

– Amos Margeson & Grant Jackson on guitars

– The Margeson Family (Lyda, Emma, Eryn and Amos Margeson)

– The Laurie Players (Amos Margeson, Archie St. Peter, Stephen Hibberts, Justin Simons, Murray Scott)

Representing Wimburn Lodge #75

– Carl Adams on bass guitar

– Bob Ward on acoustic guitar

Representing Widow’s Son Lodge #48

– Fish & Chips (Stephen Wells & Chris Sharp on acoustic guitar and accordion)

A few still images from the evening.


The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all. Between the admission price of $5.00 and the 50/50 Draw that was held, we realized $600 that will be added to the CDMA’s charity fund for the year.

Below is a break down of the event’s finances:

Door Tickets  =  $440.  +  50/50 Draw  =  $160
Total  =  $600.


The 50/50 Draw was won by Buddy Belliveau of River Hebert. The Door Prize of a $25 Gift Certificate provided by McLellan’s Service Centre of River Hebert went to Murray Scott.

The “Show Winner” award was presented to the “Laurie Players” for their two hilarious skits.


Special thanks needs to be made to our MC for the night, RW Bro. Alan Linkletter, who is also the chairperson of our CDMA, and to Bro. Roy Pettigrew, our sound manager for the show.


Before the skits by the Laurie Players, could get underway, there was a little time to fill. Bro. Roy was a great sport and quickly took up the mic to entertain the crowd while the players got the stage ready.



Here are the two skits as presented by the “Laurie Players” (Amos Margeson, Archie St. Peter, Stephen Hibberts, Justin Simons and Murray Scott).





A great thank-you to all musicians and everyone who worked to make this event so enjoyable and successful. And a special thanks, as well, to all the audience who showed up, for without your support the show would not have achieved its goal.

May this be the start of a new masonic endeavour for our Cumberland District.


Service Awards Presented

On the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018, Widow Sons Lodge #48 was the site of an important event in their lodge’s history. Two Meritorious Service Awards were presented to two deserving brothers.

IMG_0064 copy

W Bro. Bruce Stewart and RW Bro. Bill Merriam were each presented with these distinguished masonic awards.

W Bro. Jason Stewart, the son of W Bro. Bruce, read his father’s scroll in open lodge. Our DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales then placed the award on the suit jacket pocket of W Bro. Bruce Stewart.

RW Bro. Phil Adams read the scroll of RW Bro. Merriam in open lodge. RW Bro. Merriam’s award was placed on his suit jacket pocket by our DDGM.

After the presentation the brothers each gave a short speech detailing their masonic careers. They then thanked Widow Sons Lodge #48 for recognizing them with such a high distinction.

Sweet Heart Darts

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, the lodges of Amherst joined to hold a Sweet Heart Darts day to raise money for this year’s CDMA Charity, the 4-H Clubs of Cumberland. Although the day started out a little “iffy”, as snow and rain were forecast, everything went off well. There was a good turn out of towns people and masons to take part in the day of darts.

Darts 1a resized
Darts players getting started in the Amherst Masonic Temple Hall.

Approximately 20 people were registered to play and with their registration fees added to the sale of food, plus a few donations, we came out with a total of $317 to be donated to the CDMA. Once added to the total coming from other lodges this money will be matched 3-to-1 by the Masonic Foundation of NS. Thus our contribution from Saturday will multiply to a grand total of $1268.   WELL DONE BROTHERS!

A big THANK-YOU to W Bro. Larry Ross, head of the CDMA’s Ways and Means Committee,  and to all brothers who helped out in any way to make the day a success.

Darts 1resized
Everyone enjoyed the day of darts. On left is RW Bro. Alan Linkletter getting ready.
Darts 2resized
VW Bro. Scott McNairn showing his dart throwing form with W Bro. Alfred Fisher waiting his turn.
Darts 3 resized
An expert darts player, W Bro. Charlie McWhirter and on Board #2, W Bro. Don MacKinnon.

Joint Installation

This past Monday night, January 15, 2018, the final 2018 installation for the Cumberland District was help in Parrsboro. The lodges of Minas Lodge #67 and King Edward Lodge #86 held their installation together with the brothers from Parrsboro hosting this year’s event.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get any pictures of this installation for the blog but they did have a very good and well attended event. RW Robert York was the Installation Officer. RW Bro. Alan Linkletter was the Presenting Officer and RW Bro. Jim Merriam was the Regalia Officer. The DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales gave the charges to the masters.

The new masters for 2018 are W Bro. William Kyle for Minas Lodge #67 and W Bro. Kelley Theal for King Edward Lodge #86.

After the installation the brothers retired to the hall for a delicious Seafood Chowder.

Minas framed


A Four Lodge 2018 Installation

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, four lodges from the Cumberland District joined their resources to conduct a four lodge Joint Installation in the River Philip Masonic lodge building. The event began with the brothers hosting a meal at 12 noon followed by the installation getting underway at 1pm.

JGW Entrance

The lodge room was filled to overflowing with 32 brothers in attendance (hopefully I counted correctly). The lodges taking part in the installation were:

Widow’s Son Lodge #48
Laurie Lodge #70
Wimburn Lodge #75
Wallace Lodge 76
Here the four new masters stand with the JGW.
2018 Master + JGW
L to R: W Bro. Stephen Hibberts, W Bro. Robert Carter, RW Bro. John Dollimount, W Bro. Ian Mattatall and W Bro. Willian Henley

The installation this year was hosted by Wallace Lodge #76. They also opened and closed the lodge meeting. The brothers were very pleased to have three brothers from Grand Lodge in attendance. The Grand Master was represented by the JGW, RW Bro. John Dollimount. He was accompanied by the GDC, RW Bro. Donald Evans, and the DGDC for Hants, VW Bro. Robert Evans, who also functions as the Assistant GDC when RW Bro. Donald Evans is unable to attend.

Turn on your speakers and watch the video below.

Other lodges from the district including Alexandra Lodge #87 and King Edward Lodge #86, also had brothers present as guests for the installation.

This year the Installing Officer was Bro. Don Jamieson. The Presenting Officer was RW Bro. Phil Adams and the Regalia Officer was W Bro. Bruce Stewart.

The new masters who were installed for 2018 are:

Widow’s Son Lodge #48  –  W Bro. Robert Carter
Laurie Lodge #70  –  W Bro. Stephen Hibberts
Wimburn Lodge #75  –  W Bro. William Henley
Wallace Lodge #76  –  W Bro. Ian Mattatall
Below are the four lodges and the brothers who were present for their installation for 2018.
Widows Son
Widow’s Son Lodge #48
Laurie Lodge #70
Wimburn Lodge #75
Wallace Lodge #76
Click the photos below to enlarge.


TOOLS 2.gif

First Cumberland District Joint Installation of 2018

January has been the installation month for the lodges in the Cumberland District for many years now. This year the two Amherst lodges of Alexandra Lodge #87 and Acacia Lodge #8 held their Joint Installation on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018.

It was not until 1959 that Alexandra Lodge #87 started to have the installations in January. This was to coincide with the  move to the new temple on Lawrence Street and also to agree with the calendar followed by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

Alex Plans

The installations were held at different times throughout the years. One record showed that on the 7th day of April 1921, the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother George D. McDougall, made an official visit to the lodge and duly installed the officers.
Another account recorded that on April 1, 1932 a joint meeting was held with Acacia Lodge #8 when the officers of both lodges were installed by RW Bro. A.J. Crease and others. Excellent addresses were given, both in the lodge room and at the supper which followed.

Over the past few years both our lodges have lost a number of members to DEMITs, Suspensions and those who have moved on to the Great Lodge Above; however, we did have a very good turn out for this year’s installation. We were also very pleased to have had three brothers with us from Grand Lodge for the evening: RW Bro. John Dollimount, JGW, (as the representative of the GM who had already committed to another lodge’s installation before he received our invitation), VW Bro.Robert Evans, Assistant GD of C (also the DGD of C for Hants), and W Bro. Ray Simmons, Grand Sword Bearer.

JGW Entrance
RW Bro. John Dollimount’s entrance.

The Installing Officer for this Joint Installation was again our RW Bro. Jack Boyd of Alexandra Lodge #87. The two new masters that were installed where: W Bro. Alfred Fisher (Alexandra Lodge #87) and W Bro. Harold Farrow (Acacia Lodge #8).

The officers were all conducted to the altar for their installations by the Presenting Officers for each lodge: W Bro. Larry Ross (Alexandra Lodge #87) and W Bro. Don MacKinnon (Acacia Lodge #8).

After the installation the lodges stood with our guests to have their photos taken.

Alex Officers 1
The Officers of Alexandra Lodge #87 for 2018 and our guests.
Acacia Officers 2018
The Officers of Acacia Lodge #8 for 2018 and our guests.

The evening concluded with refreshments in the Amherst Temple’s hall.

Click on the photos below to enlarge.


Widow’s Son at Wimburn

This past Wednesday evening, Dec. 20, 2017, there were a couple of interesting presentations at the Wimburn Lodge #75. First, this was the occasion of the Traveling Gavel making its way from Widow’s Son Lodge to Wimburn Lodge. In the photo below we see RW Bro. Bill Merriam presenting the gavel to RW Bro. Phil Adams, secretary of Wimburn Lodge.


Secondly, at the end of the evening this presentation took place. RW Bro. Merriam presented VW Bro. Tom Reid with the “Not Entirely Official and Not Even Remotely Sanctioned Peanut butter and Dulse Sandwich Award”.

Requirements for the award: the brother must be named Tom and the sandwich must be immediately consumed.


Thanks to the photos sent me by RW Bro. Rob Campbell.