CDMA Variety Show


A CDMA Variety Show was held in River Hebert on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The well attended show was at the King Edward Lodge Hall for the purpose of raising money for the CDMA’s 2018 charity.

All proceeds from the show will be donated, along with a 3-to-1 matching of funds by the N.S. Freemason’s Shared Funding Program, to the 4H Clubs of Cumberland County.

The eight lodges in the county were asked to each send an act, musical or otherwise, to take part in the show. Of the lodges that were able to participate, we had a show that lasted nearly three hours.

Here is a 5 minute (approximately) long video of the musical performances from the evening. I apologize to Bro. Roy Pettigrew for not getting a video of his performance, as he was the last entertainer of the evening. But as you will see, I did catch his excellent work as a fill-in. (See his video later in this post.)
(All videos are in High Definition. After you start the video, click on the settings wheel and then click on 720 HD.)

Here is a list of those acts and their members who took part in the show:

Representing King Edward Lodge #86

– Brandon McLellan on acoustic guitar

– Joanie Linkletter vocalist

– Roy Pettigrew as “Elvis Presley”

Representing Alexandra Lodge #87

– Tenique Ross on keyboard and ukulele

Representing Laurie Lodge #70

– Amos Margeson & Grant Jackson on guitars

– The Margeson Family (Lyda, Emma, Eryn and Amos Margeson)

– The Laurie Players (Amos Margeson, Archie St. Peter, Stephen Hibberts, Justin Simons, Murray Scott)

Representing Wimburn Lodge #75

– Carl Adams on bass guitar

– Bob Ward on acoustic guitar

Representing Widow’s Son Lodge #48

– Fish & Chips (Stephen Wells & Chris Sharp on acoustic guitar and accordion)

A few still images from the evening.


The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all. Between the admission price of $5.00 and the 50/50 Draw that was held, we realized $600 that will be added to the CDMA’s charity fund for the year.

Below is a break down of the event’s finances:

Door Tickets  =  $440.  +  50/50 Draw  =  $160
Total  =  $600.


The 50/50 Draw was won by Buddy Belliveau of River Hebert. The Door Prize of a $25 Gift Certificate provided by McLellan’s Service Centre of River Hebert went to Murray Scott.

The “Show Winner” award was presented to the “Laurie Players” for their two hilarious skits.


Special thanks needs to be made to our MC for the night, RW Bro. Alan Linkletter, who is also the chairperson of our CDMA, and to Bro. Roy Pettigrew, our sound manager for the show.


Before the skits by the Laurie Players, could get underway, there was a little time to fill. Bro. Roy was a great sport and quickly took up the mic to entertain the crowd while the players got the stage ready.



Here are the two skits as presented by the “Laurie Players” (Amos Margeson, Archie St. Peter, Stephen Hibberts, Justin Simons and Murray Scott).





A great thank-you to all musicians and everyone who worked to make this event so enjoyable and successful. And a special thanks, as well, to all the audience who showed up, for without your support the show would not have achieved its goal.

May this be the start of a new masonic endeavour for our Cumberland District.