Service Awards Presented

On the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018, Widow Sons Lodge #48 was the site of an important event in their lodge’s history. Two Meritorious Service Awards were presented to two deserving brothers.

IMG_0064 copy

W Bro. Bruce Stewart and RW Bro. Bill Merriam were each presented with these distinguished masonic awards.

W Bro. Jason Stewart, the son of W Bro. Bruce, read his father’s scroll in open lodge. Our DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales then placed the award on the suit jacket pocket of W Bro. Bruce Stewart.

RW Bro. Phil Adams read the scroll of RW Bro. Merriam in open lodge. RW Bro. Merriam’s award was placed on his suit jacket pocket by our DDGM.

After the presentation the brothers each gave a short speech detailing their masonic careers. They then thanked Widow Sons Lodge #48 for recognizing them with such a high distinction.


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