Joint Installation

This past Monday night, January 15, 2018, the final 2018 installation for the Cumberland District was help in Parrsboro. The lodges of Minas Lodge #67 and King Edward Lodge #86 held their installation together with the brothers from Parrsboro hosting this year’s event.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get any pictures of this installation for the blog but they did have a very good and well attended event. RW Robert York was the Installation Officer. RW Bro. Alan Linkletter was the Presenting Officer and RW Bro. Jim Merriam was the Regalia Officer. The DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales gave the charges to the masters.

The new masters for 2018 are W Bro. William Kyle for Minas Lodge #67 and W Bro. Kelley Theal for King Edward Lodge #86.

After the installation the brothers retired to the hall for a delicious Seafood Chowder.

Minas framed



A Four Lodge 2018 Installation

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, four lodges from the Cumberland District joined their resources to conduct a four lodge Joint Installation in the River Philip Masonic lodge building. The event began with the brothers hosting a meal at 12 noon followed by the installation getting underway at 1pm.

JGW Entrance

The lodge room was filled to overflowing with 32 brothers in attendance (hopefully I counted correctly). The lodges taking part in the installation were:

Widow’s Son Lodge #48
Laurie Lodge #70
Wimburn Lodge #75
Wallace Lodge 76
Here the four new masters stand with the JGW.
2018 Master + JGW
L to R: W Bro. Stephen Hibberts, W Bro. Robert Carter, RW Bro. John Dollimount, W Bro. Ian Mattatall and W Bro. Willian Henley

The installation this year was hosted by Wallace Lodge #76. They also opened and closed the lodge meeting. The brothers were very pleased to have three brothers from Grand Lodge in attendance. The Grand Master was represented by the JGW, RW Bro. John Dollimount. He was accompanied by the GDC, RW Bro. Donald Evans, and the DGDC for Hants, VW Bro. Robert Evans, who also functions as the Assistant GDC when RW Bro. Donald Evans is unable to attend.

Turn on your speakers and watch the video below.

Other lodges from the district including Alexandra Lodge #87 and King Edward Lodge #86, also had brothers present as guests for the installation.

This year the Installing Officer was Bro. Don Jamieson. The Presenting Officer was RW Bro. Phil Adams and the Regalia Officer was W Bro. Bruce Stewart.

The new masters who were installed for 2018 are:

Widow’s Son Lodge #48  –  W Bro. Robert Carter
Laurie Lodge #70  –  W Bro. Stephen Hibberts
Wimburn Lodge #75  –  W Bro. William Henley
Wallace Lodge #76  –  W Bro. Ian Mattatall
Below are the four lodges and the brothers who were present for their installation for 2018.
Widows Son
Widow’s Son Lodge #48
Laurie Lodge #70
Wimburn Lodge #75
Wallace Lodge #76
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First Cumberland District Joint Installation of 2018

January has been the installation month for the lodges in the Cumberland District for many years now. This year the two Amherst lodges of Alexandra Lodge #87 and Acacia Lodge #8 held their Joint Installation on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018.

It was not until 1959 that Alexandra Lodge #87 started to have the installations in January. This was to coincide with the  move to the new temple on Lawrence Street and also to agree with the calendar followed by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

Alex Plans

The installations were held at different times throughout the years. One record showed that on the 7th day of April 1921, the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother George D. McDougall, made an official visit to the lodge and duly installed the officers.
Another account recorded that on April 1, 1932 a joint meeting was held with Acacia Lodge #8 when the officers of both lodges were installed by RW Bro. A.J. Crease and others. Excellent addresses were given, both in the lodge room and at the supper which followed.

Over the past few years both our lodges have lost a number of members to DEMITs, Suspensions and those who have moved on to the Great Lodge Above; however, we did have a very good turn out for this year’s installation. We were also very pleased to have had three brothers with us from Grand Lodge for the evening: RW Bro. John Dollimount, JGW, (as the representative of the GM who had already committed to another lodge’s installation before he received our invitation), VW Bro.Robert Evans, Assistant GD of C (also the DGD of C for Hants), and W Bro. Ray Simmons, Grand Sword Bearer.

JGW Entrance
RW Bro. John Dollimount’s entrance.

The Installing Officer for this Joint Installation was again our RW Bro. Jack Boyd of Alexandra Lodge #87. The two new masters that were installed where: W Bro. Alfred Fisher (Alexandra Lodge #87) and W Bro. Harold Farrow (Acacia Lodge #8).

The officers were all conducted to the altar for their installations by the Presenting Officers for each lodge: W Bro. Larry Ross (Alexandra Lodge #87) and W Bro. Don MacKinnon (Acacia Lodge #8).

After the installation the lodges stood with our guests to have their photos taken.

Alex Officers 1
The Officers of Alexandra Lodge #87 for 2018 and our guests.
Acacia Officers 2018
The Officers of Acacia Lodge #8 for 2018 and our guests.

The evening concluded with refreshments in the Amherst Temple’s hall.

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