The DDGM’s Annual District Meeting

JGW Ent & Exit
RW Bro. John Dollimount being presented by his GDC, VW Bro. Don Evans.

On the evening of Nov. 15th the brothers from our eight district lodges came together for our Annual District Meeting chaired by our DDGM, RW Bro. Graeme Bales. This year it was again held in River Philip but this time it was hosted by the brothers of Wimburn Lodge #75. We were very pleased to see the lodge filled with 27 brothers in attendance including the visitors from Grand Lodge.

The meal was set for 6pm but it was closer to 6:30pm when we all sat down to enjoy a delicious seafood chowder made by the brothers of the lodge. The dessert was a hug Blueberry Coffee Cake courtesy of Mrs. Graeme Bales. This was served by the brothers of Wimburn along with a good helping of ice cream.

Entrance of Ruling WMs.jpg
The Ruling Masters being presented by the DGDC, VW Bro. Tom Reid

The master of Wimburn Lodge #75, W Bro. Ned Douglas opened the lodge and then the other Ruling Lodge Masters of the district were admitted and introduced. Next the DDGM was admitted and the gavel was turned over to him to conduct the annual meeting. Finally the representative from Grand Lodge, the JGW, RW Bro. John Dollimount, was admitted and given the Grand Lodge Honours. (Our Grand Master, the MW Bro. John Cody, had planned to come but was sick that evening and could not make it to the meeting.)

The meeting began with the Necrology Service followed by the Roll Call of lodges present,  then the Yearly Reports of the Lodges to the DDGM read by the masters of each lodge or their representatives, a talk by the DDGM and a presentation to the secretary of Wimburn Lodge given by the JGW. Finally the JGW, RW Bro. John Dollimount, rose to speak and bring greetings from the Grand Master, the MW Bro. Cody.

The East.jpg

L to R: RW Bro. John Dollimount, RW Bro. Graeme Bales, W Bro. Ned Douglas & RW Bro. Phil Adams

The meeting closed shortly after 9pm. It was a great evening that once again had brought many of the brothers from the district together for some much enjoyed masonic fellowship.

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Remembrance Day 2017

Masons from the district have always participated in Remembrance Day Parades and Services. This year has been no different. Below is a shot of the masons from the Amherst area lodges as they wait to march in the 2017 Remembrance Day Parade. There were 6 brothers from Alexandra Lodge #87 plus other brothers from Acacia Lodge #8 and the Shriners.

Masons on Parade 2017