Happy Birthday Bro. Danson

On September 8th the most senior brother at Alexandra Lodge #87 celebrated his 102nd Birthday!  Happy Birthday Bro. Danson!

Bro. Danson has been a mason since 1951 when he was raised in Keystone Lodge #102. He joined Alexandra Lodge #87 in 1959. This was at the time when the new Amherst Temple was being constructed. He was one of the brothers who helped in the design of the new lodge room.

The picture below, which shows Bro. Danson to be doing very well, was taken by MW Bro. Owen Walton on Bro. Danson’s birthday, Sept. 8th. MW Bro. Walton is a former student of Bro. Danson’s and as such his visits are much appreciated by Bro. Danson.


Bob Danson 102nd birthday