AMS’s Canada 150 Breakfast



During the Amherst Masonic Society’s monthly breakfast this June 24th we had a great turn out of customers. This was our Pancake, Sausage, Strawberries and Whipped Cream breakfast. It was also our salute to Canada’s 150th Anniversary with the breakfast being billed as a great meal for just $1.50!


The final count showed that we had 180 customers who dropped by for the special breakfast. They were served by brothers from both lodges (Acacia Lodge #8 and Alexandra Lodge #87) as well as a good turn out of volunteers from the Emmanuel United Church.

The brothers in the kitchen did a masterful job of keeping up to the demands for more pancakes and sausages. The main cooks were: VW Bro. Allan Chapman, W Bro. Charlie McWhirter and VW Bro. Isaac Gray seen below.


The event was a great success and special thanks must go out to all who took part and helped make everything run as smoothly as it did despite there being such a large crowd.

For more pictures of the breakfast click on the photos below to enlarge.



A Historic Communication

One hundred seventy-seven years ago in 1840, the brothers of Acacia Lodge #8, that was known as “Cumberland Harmony Lodge #589” at the time, traveled to the Dorchester area of New Brunswick and helped institute the new lodge, the “Younger Brother of Cumberland Harmony Lodge”, now known as Sussex Lodge #4. To mark this historic event a special Joint Communication was held on Thursday,  June 1, 2017, in the Masonic Temple on Lawrence Street in Amherst, NS.

As fortune would have it, the present Worshipful Master of Sussex Lodge #4, W Bro. Neil Horsman, is also a Past Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge #8; therefore, a special dispensation was granted by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia for the Sussex Lodge #4 Worshipful Master to open and close both Sussex Lodge #4 and Acacia Lodge #8 at the same time using the New Brunswick ritual.

Indeed this was a very special occasion as this year is the 150th Anniversary of Freemasonry in New Brunswick and the 150th Anniversary of Acacia Lodge #8 (since its name was changed from Cumberland Harmony Lodge to Acacia Lodge) as well as, this being the 150th Year of our Canadian Confederation.

Below is a short video of the two lodges entering the lodge room led by the Piper, Bro. Tyson Ross, of Sussex Lodge #4.

The lodge was opened with the master of Sussex Lodge #4, W Bro. Neil Horsman, acting as Worshipful Master for the evening. The master of Acacia Lodge #8, W Bro. Don MacKinnon, sat to his right in the east. The brothers were very pleased to see representatives from both grand lodges in attendance. The Grand Lodge of NB was represented by RW Bro. Chris Kitson on behalf of the Grand Master, MW Bro. John A. Watson and from the Grand Lodge of NS the MW Bro. George R. O’Leary our present Grand Master.

W Bro. Horsman, W Bro. Don Mackinnon, MW Bro. George O'Leary and the piper, Bro. Tyson Ross.
W Bro. Horsman, W Bro. Don MacKinnon, MW Bro. O’Leary and the piper, Bro. Tyson Ross.

The first order of business was the presentation of 50 Year Jewels by MW Bro. George O’Leary to two very deserving brothers: W Bro. Neil Horsman and Bro. Eric Trueman. Below the brothers hold their certificates  with the GM, MW Bro. O’Leary, between them.


This evening was a great success and very well attended. We had 53 brothers from the two jurisdictions filling the lodge room. Please take the time to view the pictures below of the evening. To see them enlarged just click on any picture.

After the meeting we all retired to the banquet hall for fellowship and a delicious seafood chowder prepared by the brothers of Sussex Lodge #4.


And then the banquet.