Meritorious Service Awards

Bales, Rushton & WoodL to R: VW Bro. Graeme Bales, RW Bro. Norman Rushton & VW Bro. Kevin Wood

During the resent monthly meeting of Wimburn Lodge #75 our DDGM, RW Bro. Norman Rushton, presented Meritorious Service Awards to the VW Bro. Graeme Bales and the VW Bro. Kevin Wood.

The Lodge was well attended with official visits from Widows Son Lodge #48 and King Edward Lodge #86.

Graeme Finley Bales
Very Worshipful Brother Graeme Finley Bales was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario on October 30, 1937.  He was raised to a Master Mason in Acacia Lodge No. 8 in Amherst, Nova Scotia on April 3, 1980.  He completed all the offices of Acacia Lodge and was elected Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1987.
Very Worshipful Brother Bales received a demit from Acacia Lodge No. 8 and joined Wimburn Lodge No. 75 on January 19, 1994.  He was elected District Grand Chaplin for Cumberland District for 1995-1996.  Brother Bales has served in most offices of Wimburn Lodge, including Secretary and has been Worshipful Master five times.
Brother Bales has been Chair of the Bursary Committee and active in assisting Wimburn Lodge in all of our community and Masonic events.  He has been very active in visiting other Lodges and makes a point of accompanying all the District Deputies on their official visits.  He has also been a steadfast supporter of the Cumberland District Masonic Association.
Brother Bales is a good friend and Brother to all Masons and a most deserving candidate for the Meritorious Service Award.  Congratulations.
Kevin Kurt Wood
Worshipful Brother Kevin Kurt Wood was born at Oxford, Nova Scotia on May 27, 1955.  He was raised to a Master Mason in Wimburn Lodge No. 75 GLNS on December 19, 1985.  He has completed all the offices of Wimburn Lodge including twice as Worshipful Master.  Brother Wood has been the Chair of the Bursary Program since 1997 and has worked tirelessly with the administration of the High School and students to ensure applications are submitted.
Brother Wood chairs the Selection Committee to choose the award winners and follows up with students to ensure they receive their full benefits.  This commitment to detail with constantly changing venues and careers can be challenging, however, Brother Wood has excelled at keeping all the loose ends together.
Brother Wood has been the Treasurer of our Lodge since 2008 and in connection with that role, has provided leadership and guidance on all our long-term planning and day-to-day operations.
Brother Wood has been a friend and mentor to all Masons young and old and his wry sense of humor contributes to easy steady forward movement of Wimburn Lodge.
Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition and Meritorious Service Award.
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Honorary Past Master’s Certificate

Thanks to RW Bro. Alan Linkletter for this write-up and to Bro. Quentin Hardy for the pictures of this gathering.

On Saturday April 08th, 2017 the Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. John Cody, presented W. Bro. Emerson Symes with his Honorary Past Master’s Certificate, as well as the Lewis Jewel on behalf of King Edward Lodge No. 86 A.F. & A.M. of River Hebert.

R.W. Bro. Norman Rushton, D.D.G.M Cumberland District, presented him with his Past Master’s Lapel Pin.


RW Bro. Linkletter, Bro. Symea & RW bro. Cody
L to R: RW Bro. Alan Linkletter, Bro. Emerson Symes & RW Bro. John Cody

The Lewis Jewel

The Lewis Jewel may be worn by a Mason, if at the time of his Initiation, his father was a Mason in good standing (the initiate of a deceased father–in good standing at the time of his demise–would also qualify).

The Lewis Jewel consists of two bars connected by chains:
– The upper bar contains the name of the father and date of his Initiation.
– The lower bar, the name of the son and date of his Initiation.

Charles John Symes – Father

E.A.:  Nov. 13th, 1945
F.C.:  Dec. 11th, 1945
M.M.: Jan. 08th, 1946

Emerson Parkinson Symes – Son

E.A.: March 14th, 1995
F.C.:  May 09th, 1995,
M.M.: June 17th, 1995

L to R: Sandra Dickson (sister), W Bro. Emerson Symes & RW Bro. John Cody, DGM

Following Brethren were in attendance:

Virgin Lodge No. 03
Deputy Grand Master: R.W. Bro. John Cody
Brother Don Evans – Virgin Lodge
Brother Quentin Hardy – Virgin Lodge

Acacia No.08
W.Bro. Don MacKinnon  Worshipful Master
Bro. Laurence Harrison 60 Year Bar Holder
V.W. Bro. Isaac Gray

Minas Lodge No. 67
R.W.Bro. Robert Yorke P.D.D.G.M
V.W. Bro. David Gilbert
Laurie Lodge No.70
R.W.Bro. Norman Rushton – D.D.G.M Cumberland District

King Edward Lodge No. 86
V.W. Bro. Earle McNairn
V.W. Bro. Scott McNairn
W.Bro. William Jollymore
W.Bro. Douglas Rector
W. Bro. Roy Pettigrew
W.Bro. Eric Melanson
R.W. Bro. Allan White P.D.D.G.M.
W. Bro. Jim Sicheri Worshipful Master
R.W. Bro. Alan Linkletter P.D.D.G.M.
W.Bro. Emerson Symes Honourary Past Master


Here the honored brother and his guests are seen as he cuts his cake. At his side helping is his sister, Sandra Dickson, and Bro. Laurence L. Harrison of Acacia Lodge #8 who just this past March 31st received his 60 Year Bar.

W Bro. Symes was pleased to have a number of his family with him for the afternoon. The family who attended were:

Sandra Dickson – Sister

Roger Dickson – Nephew

Paul Symes – Cousin

Billy Symes ( Demolay) Cousin

Dorthy Carter – Cousin

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The Cumberland District’s DDGM’s 2017 Workshop

On Saturday, April 1st, 17 brothers from the Cumberland District heeded the call of their DDGM to attend the District Workshop at the lodge hall in River Philip. Our guest speaker was VW Bro. John Cameron whose topic was Long Range Strategic Planning.

VW Bro. John Cameron resized

The meeting was called for 10:00am with a Pizza lunch at 11:30am. It was a beautiful morning so it was great to see these brothers turn out for the meeting instead of enjoying their beautiful Saturday morning in other pursuits. Laurie Lodge was the host for the meeting (as it is their brother who is our present DDGM) and six of their members came along. Wallace Lodge was very well represented by five of its brothers. There were two each from Wimburn and Alexandra lodges and one each from Acacia and King Edward.

VW Bro. Cameron gave a very interesting and thought provoking talk involving the attendee’s participation. It revolved around the basic need we have as Masons to know our core purpose and then knowing this, what we need to do to make our lodges, our whole masonic organization, more meaningful for us and the communities where we live.

He will be adding the ideas and thoughts from this meeting to those he has collected from the other meetings he has had around the province. These will be presented to the BOGP and Grand Lodge in general, so that some constructive plans may be made and programs implemented to help us come to grips with what our “core purpose” is and how we may move forward and grow in the days ahead.

After his presentation the brothers enjoyed the lunch and masonic fellowship before heading homeward.

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