Brother Receives 60 Year Bar

The brothers of Acacia Lodge #8 met on Friday, March 31, 2017, to honor Bro. Laurence L. Harrison with his 60 year Bar. Our DDGM, RW Bro. Norman Rushton, was on hand to make the presentation on behalf of the brother’s home lodge and the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

60 Year bar photo 2
Bro. Laurence L. Harrison

Bro. Harrison now resides at Gables Nursing Home in Amherst. He was very pleased to receive this 60 Year Bar surrounded by his wife, Alice, and other members of his family. Special thanks to RW Bro. Robert Campbell for providing pictures of the presentation.

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Diploma Presentation

Diploma presenation

On Wednesday evening, March 15, 2017,  at their regular monthly meeting the brothers of Wimburn Lodge #75 presented their newest Master Mason with his Diploma. Here RW Bro. Rob Campbell, the SW, describes the diploma and its significance to Bro. Michael McClary with the assistance of W Bro. Tom Reid, the JD.

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