A Four Lodge Installation

The final 2017 Masonic Lodge Officers installation for the Cumberland District was held in the lodge room in River Philip on Monday evening, Jan. 16, 2017.

Four lodges of the district joined to hold their annual installation hosted by Laurie Lodge #70.  The lodges of Wimburn #75, Widow’s Son #48 and Wallace #76 had their masters present for the installation. Laurie Lodge #70’s new master will be installed at their next meeting as W Bro. Justin Simons could not attend due to work commitments.

Here we see RW Bro. George Anderson reading the Charge to the Masters.

L to R : W Bro. Tom Wood – Wallace Lodge #76, VW Bro. Ned Douglas – Wimburn Lodge #75 and W Bro. Tony Huston – Widow’s Son Lodge #48.


The outgoing master of Laurie Lodge #70, VW Bro. Dwight Gallagher, commented on how great it was to see so many brothers assembled in the lodge room. In fact the room was filled to overflowing with extra chairs lining the north and south of the room. I believe we counted 36 brothers in attendance! This was an excellent turn out for the district. Besides the brothers of the four lodges holding the installation, there were a number of visitors from the other district lodges.

Lodge opening with VW Bro. Dwight Gallagher in the East.

RW Bro. Robert Yorke drove up from Parrsboro to be the Installing Officer for the evening. This was the second time he had been the Installing Officer at a Joint Installation this year. He preformed that duty the previous week for the brothers of Minas Lodge #67 and King Edward Lodge #86. Again he did a masterful job delivering all the talks and obligations from memory!

RW Bro. Archie St. Peter was our Presenting Officer. Despite the cramped quarters he was able to escort all the new officers to the altar for their installation.

Among the newly installed officers, it was encouraging to see a number of newly raised Master Masons moving up through the offices in our district lodges.

A special thanks to Laurie Lodge #70 for doing an excellent job on hosting such a large installation.

Once the new master of Widow’s Son Lodge #48, W Bro. Tony Huston, had closed the lodge, the brothers lined up to have their group pictures taken.

Laurie Lodge #70


Widow’s Son Lodge #48


Wimburn Lodge #75


Wallace Lodge #76


As a fitting end to the evening, the brothers retired to the lodge hall for fellowship an a delicious lunch.

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Installation Photos


Fellowship and Refreshment Photos


Parrsboro & River Hebert Masons Installed

On the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017, a Joint Installation was held at the King Edward Lodge #86 in River Hebert. This year the King Edward brothers hosted the installation and invited Minas Lodge #67 from Parrsboro.

A great evening of masonic fellowship was had with 27 brothers attending. We were pleased to have our DDGM, RW Bro. Norm Rushton in attendance as well. It was a pleasure for him as he got to present a 25 Year Pin to a very deserving King Edward brother, W Bro. Douglas Rector.

L to R: W Bro. Douglas Rector, DDGM, RW Bro. Norm Rushton and DGDC, RW Bro. Archie St. Peter.

The Installing Officer for the evening was RW Bro. Robert Yorke of Minas Lodge #67. His memory work was very impressive to say the least. Congratulations to all the newly installed officers of both lodges.

The brothers and officers for 2017 of King Edward Lodge #86.


Below the  2017 officers of Minas Lodge #67.


It was great to see so many of the brothers at the installation. Below are a number of pictures from the evening.

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Joint Installation at Amherst Temple

On Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017, Acacia Lodge #8 hosted a Joint Installation with Alexandra Lodge #87. We were very pleased to see a good turn out from the two lodges for this installation. I believe I counted 28 brothers in attendance. The new masters for the lodges are: W Bro. Don MacKinnon – Acacia Lodge #8 and W Bro. Larry Ross – Alexandra Lodge #87. Our Installing Officer for the night was RW Bro. Wilson Smith, who did an excellent job of the installation.

Below are the officers who were present for the installation from Acacia Lodge #8.


Below are the officers from Alexandra Lodge #87 who were present.