Four New Master Masons

On October 18, 2016 a Third Degree was held at Widow’s Son Lodge #48 in River Philip. This was a very special event for our district as three brothers from Widow’s Son and one brother from Wallace Lodge #76 were raised together. The drama was conducted by our District Drama Team and a large number of brothers from the district were on hand for the evening.

Lt to Rt: VW Bro. Larry Murray presenting. The four new brothers are: Bro. Brian Keiver (Wallace Lodge), Bro. Milton King, Bro. Alonzo Gero and Bro. Jonathan Wood (Widow’s Son).

Lewis Jewel Presentation


At the regular meeting of Widow’s Son Lodge #48 on this past Oct. 18th the Lewis Jewel was presented to the Houston brothers. Here our DDGM, RW Bro. Norm Rushton, has just presented the jewels.

Lt to Rt: RW Bro. Kevin Houston, VW Bro. Barry Houston, Bro. Tony Houston and RW Bro. Norm Rushton