Widow’s Son #48 Presents 70 Year Jewel

Bill Merriam, Garry Sterling, Bruce Stewart and Fred Spencer 5x7 vert

On May 25th brothers from Widow’s Son Lodge #48 went to the home of Fred and Bonnie Spencer. They presented him with his 70 Year Jewel. Above we see left to right: RW Bro. Bill Merriam, VW Bro. Gary Sterling, W Bro. Bruce Stewart and seated, VW Bro. Fred Spencer.

The following is a write up of our distinguished brother by RW Bro. Bill Merriam:

VW Bro. Fred was born in River Philip, 1926.  He submitted his Petition for Initiation in Sept. 17, 1946 to Widow’s Son Lodge #48.  Was Initiated Oct. 15, 1946, Passed on Nov. 14th and Raised on Dec. 17, 1946.  VW Bro. Fred served in all Offices of the Lodge and in June 1976 he served as Grand Steward for the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.  VW Bro. Fred was self employed as he and his wife Bonnie operated a store in River Philip for many, many years.  World War 11 came along and he enlisted in the Canadian Navy where he served until the war ended in 1945.  He then returned to River Philip to carry on his career, proprietor of his & Bonnie’s store for many years after the war.  VW Bro. Fred was a very faithful Mason, never missing his monthly meetings and enjoying fellowship with his Brothers.  The last couple of years  have not been good to him as his health has not been the best but he still loves to have Brothers visit with him.  He doesn’t attend Lodge now but his wife Bonnie keeps him abreast of the Lodge activities through his Lodge notices sent to him each month.  We miss you in Lodge VW Bro. Fred, congrat’s on your 70 years as a Mason.


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Annual District Church Service

Grace United

On Sunday morning, May 15, 2016, the Masons of Cumberland County gathered at the Grace United Church in Port Greville for a beautiful Sunday morning service by our host, Rev. Lloyd Bruce.

Although the numbers attending our annual service have been down the last few years, this year was a major exception. From looking at the following pictures you can see we had 27 brothers attending this year’s service! Thanks to our DDGM, RW Bro. Robert York, our DGDC, VW Bro. Rick Harvey and our DGC, VW Bro. David Gilbert we had a wonderful gathering of brothers this year. Many thanks for all the brothers who took the time to come out to be with their district brethren for this very meaningful service.

The Rev. Lloyd Bruce was very welcoming to the brothers and gave a very timely sermon regarding taking time to stop and enjoy and be thankful for all we have. To give ourselves a rest and not be persistent “doers” all the time.

The Gospel was read by our visiting brother from Grand Lodge, the Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro. George O’Leary. The other readings were by our DGC, VW Bro. David Gilbert and the Chaplain from Minas Lodge, Bro. Gerry Lisi.

After the Sunday service the ladies of the church provided us with a scrumptious Sunday Brunch. The pictures can not possibly do the food justice, it was all delicious.

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