3rd Degree Night at Laurie Lodge #70


Drama Team April 18, 2016 copyOn April 18th Laurie Lodge #70 held a 3rd Degree ceremony to welcome in its newest master mason, Bro. Drew Fraser. The lodge is now held in the lodge temple in River Philip, the same building where Wimburn and Widow’s Son Lodges hold their meetings.

The degree was very well attended, in fact there was hardly an empty seat in the lodge room. I believe there were 32 brothers from the district present!

The evening was highlighted with the 3rd Degree Drama being performed by the District Drama Team lead by RW Bro. Fred Newman as King Solomon. He did a masterful job and needs to be praised for his excellent memory work. As well, all the team needs to be congratulated for the work they do attending many of the district lodges during the year to put on this drama.

Just before the degree got started the secretary of Wallace Lodge, W Bro. Gary Fisher, presented the Traveling Gavel to Laurie Lodge as part of its travels through the district.

He then presented a short item of Masonic Education – the rules for official lodge visits within our jurisdiction.

Below Bro. Amos Margeson receives the gavel from Bro. Gary Fisher.


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