Acacia Visits Alexandra with the Traveling Gavel

During the Jan 14th meeting of Alexandra Lodge #87, Acacia Lodge #8 brought the Traveling Gavel back to Alexandra. Four brothers from Acacia came to make the presentation. Here RW Bro. Wilson Smith, Jr, is seen presenting the T. Gavel to Alexandra with VW Bro. Gaul accepting. In February Alexandra will be taking it to Widow’s Son. After the T. Gavel was passed over, W Bro. Jim Murray gave a presentation on the history of Freemasonry in Cumberland County.

T Gavel Jan 14


Traveling Gavel on the Move

On Jan. 7, 2016, Alexandra Lodge #87 delivered the Traveling Gavel to Acacia Lodge #8. Here you see VW Bro. Michael Gaul presenting the T. Gavel to VW Bro. Allan Chapman, secretary to secretary.

This was the first night that the brothers used the basement as their lodge room. The main room has been closed for the winter to help cut down on the heating costs.

The second part of the presentation was that of a Masonic Education session. This was given by RW Bro. Jack Boyd. It was entitled “The Convivial Mason”.

Right after the presentation one of the brothers, RW Bro. Wilson Smith, told the lodge about the origins of the Traveling Gavel. In fact it was he who made the box that the T. Gavel now rests in during its travels. He made it in 1988. The purpose of the T. Gavel is to get our district lodges to visit one another more often. It is hoped that this tradition will continue and move it swiftly through our eight lodges this year of 2016 and beyond.

T Gavela